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Feedback From Training

I felt the training was very informative. I liked that the facilitator was a person with a disability as it was more insightful and inclusive.

Zel is an engaging and well-spoken presenter. She provided helpful information and what she shared provided me insight on the topic of women with disabilities.

Very information relevant and well presented. I really appreciated the honesty in this is extremely useful & important training. I was startled by the information, problems which exist and will apply this to my everyday work.

I have more awareness about disability and I’d like to apply the knowledge to my practice.

Zel was informative and passionate. Her ability to root her comments in real life examples made the training come to life.

I have used what I learnt from this training in a research interview with women with disability. I found that I was well prepared, able to form good rapport and have effective communication. I also found the interactive style of delivery and Zel’s approach to communication really good.

The training went well beyond what I expected. There are so many things I took away from the training but most notably it emphasised the need for very careful and thoughtful preparation (such as thinking about alternative wording of questions) prior to each interview, placing the respondent at the heart of each of those considerations. I may not have all the tools needed (and this was not an expectation of the training) but I feel more confident in my ability to prepare and conduct interviews, spotting for signs of discomfort or distress. Overall I enjoyed the delivery, found the structure easy to follow, clear and logical and learnt so much more than I thought I would. Zel was fantastic! Thank you.